Awaken the Artist Within: An Immersive Retreat Experience

October 19-22, 2023

Sedona, Arizona

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Your Guides

Julie Elizabeth is a licensed therapist and Embodiment Coach who helps women overcome sexual shame and embody freedom through authentic self-expression. Dancing, singing, and exploring in nature are her favorite ways to express and play.
Hollie Warnick is a Energy Alchemist and Behavioral Kinesiologist on a mission to inspire others with her authentic play, adventure, and truth through 1:1 coaching, podcasting, retreats, and other creative projects.

This Retreat Is For You If:

You worry that you’re “just not a creative person” or you've been in a rut and desire to feel more inspired


You tend to "play small" with your gifts but you are ready to unlock your full, unapologetic self-expression


You want to explore how spirituality intersects with creativity

You are feeling burnt out from running on the hamster wheel of constant check-list and to-do items


You have a million ideas that never seem to come to fruition, despite all your efforts

You feel alone or isolated in your creative process


You crave a community of highly creative and intuitive women 


You desire to share your gifts but are afraid of stepping into the spotlight

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What You'll Get:

Be in tune with your inner genius through multiple forms of artistic expression


A greater connection to your spirituality that amplifies the essence of your creatrix


Freedom to embody all of who you are with the full spectrum of emotions

Tools to transmute dense emotions through creative outlets


Confidence in your full self expression 


Memories and experience playing with your passions, gifts, talents, crafts, and interests  

Knowing what it feels like to have a safe, intimate group of supportive sisters who are eager to witness your gifts


Relishing in the art of being and the joy of being seen



  • Lodging included for 3 nights at a 5-acre riverside ranch (shared sleeping accommodations)
  • Nourishing, high vibrational, thoughtfully crafted meals provided by a professional chef
  • Three days of wellness activities designed to help you unplug and connect with nature and evoke your creativity
  • Immersive experiences designed to help you move through energetic blocks and stuck emotions that have been holding you back from your fullest expression
  • New tools for creative expression, inspiration, and personal healing 

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